Can I change my veg bag contents?
Regrettably we are unable to offer bespoke box contents as an option at this time but will be adding further box types to our listing shortly. Please visit one of our market stalls to select your own choice of produce (link to market page)

What's in my veg bag?
We provide a range of seasonal vegetables and fruits. The contents will therefore vary on a weekly basis.

Where is my delivery?
We do our best to meet our time slots for you but our farm maybe upto 2 hours drive from you and unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. If for some reason your delivery has been postponed we will let you know by email

Where is your Farm?
We farm at Perry Court Farm and a nearby Plant Nursery near Canterbury in Kent. We will be holding farm open days when we are permitted to.

I have a complaint about my delivery. Please provide full details in an email and if its quality related then pictures as well so we can fully investigate it for you.